Vioxx Recall


The Vioxx recall on September 30, 2004 by the international prescription drug company Merck involved pulling the arthritis and pain medication Vioxx off the market. The voluntary Vioxx recall occurred because several studies showed Vioxx side effects increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Merck's Vioxx is a newer type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) that was once hailed as a "super painkiller." Vioxx, sold in some countries under the name Ceoxx, was prescribed to over ninety-one million people before the Vioxx recall occurred. The studies that led to the recall of Vioxx showed that patients regularly taking the drug faced twice the risk of a heart attack compared to patients not taking Vioxx. In the studies, the dangerous Vioxx side effects began after 18 months of treatment.

Vioxx was developed after the original group of NSAIDs was found to cause gastrointestinal problems in patients. Vioxx was developed in order to reduce the occurrence of harmful side effects associated with pain medications and only affects one of the two enzymes that play a key role in pain relief. COX-1 was left out of the new drug formulations. The new NSAIDs were to inhibit only the COX-2 enzyme. The long term Vioxx side effects of the drugs that inhibit this enzyme were the source of problems in the Merck Vioxx recall.

Merck claimed that the voluntary Vioxx recall was initiated because the Vioxx side effects associated with this medication outweighed its intended benefits. The Vioxx recall completely pulled Vioxx off the market and it is no longer available for consumer use due to the Vioxx side effects. If you have taken Vioxx in the past and you have suffered serious Vioxx side effects such as heart attack or stroke, you have certain legal rights, and you may have a legal case against Merck, the maker of Vioxx.

For more information on the Vioxx recall you may wish to speak to a Vioxx lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights and options in a Vioxx lawsuit or Vioxx class action lawsuit. If you fail to protect your legal rights now, you may lose the right to be compensated for your harm from the Vioxx side effects.

Vioxx side effects that initiated the Vioxx recall:
High risk of heart attacks, chest pain related to heart disease, stroke, sudden death, and blood clots. Stomach problems, such as stomach and intestinal bleeding, can occur with or without warning symptoms. If severe enough, these Vioxx side effects could lead to hospitalization or death. Allergic reactions include swelling of face, lips, tongue, and/or throat which may cause difficulty breathing or swallowing but may require treatment right away. Kidney problems include acute kidney failure and worsening of chronic kidney failure.

If you have any of the above serious and life threatening Vioxx side effects, contact your doctor immediately.

More Vioxx side effects include:
*Heartburn, stomach pain, and upset stomach *Upper and/or lower respiratory infection and/or inflammation
*Headache *Swelling of the legs and/or feet
*Dizziness *High blood pressure
*Diarrhea *Back pain
*Nausea *Tiredness
*Vomiting *Urinary tract infection

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